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Restart SOP – Post Covid 19 Lockdown
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To whom so ever it may concern

We would like to bring to your notice the various steps that Alpha Drives has been taken to ensure that we do our part to maintain social distancing and prevent the spread of Covid19 and also make sure we can continue our production of Part and Supplies.

Measures Taken
For Office

Remote workforce and Alternative scheduling of shifts

The design department and the accounts department are continuing to work remotely to ensure that there is no crowding in the office and alternate seating are practiced.

All staff at anytime have to wear their PPE.

Other departments are continuing to come in Batches to maintain seating distance.

The workforce is also fine tuned so that only needed staff are there for the time being.

The shifts are being alternated for Cubicles with 2 or more seats so that there is a minimum distance of 6 feet to one another.


Factory, workers, and work area
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Any inward carrying Vehicle and material is being sanitized with prescribed chemicals (as per picture)


Workers and Staff Checks
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All workers and staff are to enter with prescribed distance from one another and they are checked with thermal guns and provided with Sanitizers, gloves, masks and face shields.


Work area sanitization
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Entire work area are being sanitized before operations and after shift ends to ensure the entire area is virus free.


Compulsory usage of PPE using work
Basic Housekeeping:
Ashok Leyland Partner PTO

Toilets to be sanitized every 3 hours and after lunch.

Shop floor and office floor to be sanitized after shift end

Other measures taken

Staggered Lunch schedule: As per government guidelines we have implemented a staggered lunch schedule with no more than 4 people at a time starting from 11:30 am.


Ashok Leyland Partner PTO

Remote meeting through online platforms: Almost all of the meeting are done through zoom or Google meet.


Quality Policy

Continuously developing and empowering employees to have total involvement and commitment Delighting customers by providing best in class, reliable PTOs and technical support on-time Increasing Value Addition by continual improvement in all our products & processes